Event Planning Update

I have been having a blast interning at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge! Everyone is so friendly and the weddings are really creative. I thought I would share some pictures of what I’ve been helping to set up!


This bride was obsessed with purple! She even had it in her hair and on her dress. For this wedding, I set up my first escort card table; it is a lot harder than you would think to correctly line up all the cards, but my Maitre D’ thought I did a good job.

I also got to create the chalkboard sign for the card table! I even added a little purple to my “fauxligraphy” so hopefully the bride liked it.


The wedding after that was crazily detailed! I spent most of the time working with the admin trying to figure out the right amount of water to put in a fountain so that it would start flowing as soon as the bride and groom poured in the water for their unity ceremony! It was very complicated and eventually we rigged it so that the officiant could step on the button to the power strip.

These escort cards were made by the bride, and they were a very unique touch to this one of a kind wedding!


Bridal Shower Gift Reveal

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend’s sister got married! I had made her a Wedding Advent Calendar so that she could open a gift every day for two weeks leading up to the wedding. Even though I know she didn’t play by the rules, she still seemed to love it. So I thought I would list out the gifts inside!


Small gifts like these are great because they can be totally personalized to the bride. My boyfriend’s sister is kind of laid back so most of her gifts were just for fun or to build her an emergency kit for the day of the wedding. You could also definitely do a lingerie themed one, which would be great for a bachelorette party. I just tried keep all of the items I could in a blue or white color scheme.

13: Que Bella Relaxing Lavender Face Mask

12: Funky Pen – any cute pen will do!

11: Sticky Note Pad Set – for all of those last minute reminders

10: Essie Top Coat

9: Burts Bees Hand Salve, Cuticle Cream, and Lip Shimmer in Champagne

8: Fun Socks!

7: Tiny Journal (Papyrus is a great place to look)

6: Bride’s favorite chocolate or candy!

5: First set of emergency items- hand sanitizer, lint roller, small pack of bandaids

4: More fun socks!

3: Mini flossing brushes

2: Tide To Go Stick

1: Mini Sewing Kit

I Do: Pretty Cosmetic Bag (to put the emergency items in) – I got a floral one from Target that is no longer in stock but this is a cute option!

I was really thrilled when I saw that Anna had turned the board that the gifts were on into a photo display for the escort card table. It was really sweet, especially for someone who doesn’t typically craft!


Bridal Shower

In the midst of finals and finishing my thesis, I helped Jack’s mom with the decorations and games for his sister’s bridal shower!

I made a Miss to Mrs sign out of card stock, and hung it in front of the gifts. I also made big paper pom poms, and three fun games about what is in your purse, bridal superstitions, and who has the groom? where whoever has a picture of the groom in their envelope wins!


The groom’s family made the centerpieces, which were also favors for the guests.




My favorite part was the Wedding Advent Calendar I made! for the two weeks before the wedding, Anna will be opening little gifts to get her excited, and also prepared, for the big day! After the wedding I will do another post that lists all of the gifts, but for now here is the final product:


The bags are from Target, and the foam board and ribbon are from Michael’s!


As my graduation gift, I went on a ten day trip to Ireland with Jack, ending with his cousin’s wedding! His family is originally from Ireland, so this is my second time going. However, the first time we did not get to do any site seeing, since he was the best man in his brother’s wedding. This time, we saw everything!

Day 0

Here we are on our flight to Dublin! It was overnight, which was pretty tough, but we made it through.


Day 1

We arrived in Dublin at 9 am, and were exhausted. We stayed at Staunton’s on the Green, which is a beautiful guest house right on St Stephen’s Green.

We stopped at the Bald Barista since we were so tired, and once we got into our room, we took a very long nap. We walked around Grafton Street a little as well.


Day 2

Today we walked around the green and went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.


Then we went to the Guinness Factory! Definitely buy your tickets online in advance because we skipped a massive line. The factory itself is very well designed and we learned a lot.


Every admission comes with a free pint, and we chose to learn how to pour our own! We even got certificates! (Can you tell how tired we look?!)


After dinner, which we barely ate because we were so jet lagged, (I honestly don’t even remember what it was called, but it was Italian and very cute) we stopped to get a small cup of gelato to share. Then we passed out!

Day 3

Happy Easter! We spent most of the day with Jack’s family, went to mass, and then had dinner. It was a beautiful day, so we took some selfies on the green!


We also got some homemade Irish ice-cream at Murphy’s!


Day 4

Drove up to Belfast, where we checked into the Hilton. We went straight to the Titanic Museum, which is a must if you’re in Northern Ireland!



We walked around the city for a while and saw the beautiful architecture, and art from the Troubles. It was very cool, especially since my thesis covers parts of the troubles.


IMG_9771 IMG_9772

We also went to Victoria Square, which is an outdoor mall, with a great view from the top of this platform!

IMG_9774 IMG_9775

Day 5

Today we went on a huge tour of the Carrick-a-Rede bridge, the South Antrim Coast, and Giant’s Causeway. It took all day, but the weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed it!








Day 6

Today was very long as we traveled all the way down to Cork! We went to the English Market, which was a cool indoor shopping area, and explored the city a bit!



Day 7

Today we went to Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. The castle and gardens are absolutely beautiful. We went early in the morning so it was a bit foggy, but we missed all the lines, and it warmed up a lot while we were there.

IMG_9918 IMG_0013 IMG_0004 IMG_0008

We then took the train to Port Laois to meet up with Jack’s family and participate in the wedding festivities!

Day 7 and 8

Hung around with Jack’s family, and then the wedding day! We took some family photos at the Emo House, a big estate that’s turned into a public park. The reception took place at Hotel Kilkenny, and was lovely.



I wore a Lilly Pulitzer dress and gold Kate Spade bangle.


The next day we went back to Dublin to wait for our flight. We all contracted a stomach virus that has been going around, so the journey home was far from pleasant. Despite that, we had an amazing trip and I can’t wait for the future trips to come!

Holiday Cheer

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here are a couple highlights from mine.

On Christmas Eve, my grandparents came over and we opened gifts. I got some clothes, which I will post about later, and my big gift was a Pottery Barn McKenna Jewelry Box!


On Christmas Day, I went to the boyfriend’s house to see his family for a bit. It was his nephew’s first Christmas so the house was covered in toys. His mom got me some travel cases and a Style Me Pretty Wedding Book to get me started on my new career path. I’m really glad that everyone has been so supportive of my decision!


Jack got me the Kendra Scott Rose Gold Elle Earrings in Peach that I asked for! I’m taking him to a fancy mixology bar in NYC that he wants to go to as his present.


We then met up with my sister and took the train into NYC to see my dad and his fiancΓ©e. Before dinner at Smith and Wollensky, we opened gifts and had some snacks.



Hope everyone’s holidays were just as happy as mine!

What the future holds

For a while now I have been very worried about not knowing what I want to do after I graduate. I toyed around with publishing or editing because of my English major, but nothing really brought me excitement or any relief. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend’s sister got engaged (!) and after rattling off wedding facts to her and receiving astonished looks from her, my boyfriend, and their mom, I realized that this is what I need to do. I have always planned my own wedding and my friends’ future weddings for fun. I love it when one of my friends asks me to plan their wedding because I look at them and say, this is what you want. They usually look at me a little bewildered and say, yes, that’s exactly it. So, after I graduate from college, I will go to my local community college, which offers a two semester certification in Event Planning and Meeting Management. I am super excited and finally feel confident in knowing what I want to do! tumblr_mvr354R74v1qz6f9yo1_500