Glitter Easter Eggs

Yesterday I attempted some glittered Easter eggs, and let me tell you, they are not as simple as you would think.


The pink glitter is from the Target dollar bin and the bronze glitter is Recollections fine glitter from Michael’s.

These came out better than I expected them to, but only because I spent about an hour and a half completely covered in glue while Jack listened to me whimper.


My best advice on the glitter and glue front is to use less glue than you think is necessary. I used way too much, which smeared when I then tried to roll the egg in the glitter. Also, if you have the time, try doing one side of the egg at a time, to let them dry more fully. I think you can tell why a couple of those bronze eggs are not fully covered!


Happy Glittering!

Playing Catch Up

I know I am SO behind on updating this blog, but I finally have time to sit down and put this together.

Last week I wore this adorable skirt from Macy’s paired with a shirt from Forever 21, heels from Aldo, and my favorite Kate Spade cross body bag. My elephant necklace is also from Forever 21, and the tassel wand is from Studio Mucci; I totally felt like a fairy princess!


This look would be perfect for a fancy dinner out with the boyfriend (hint, hint, wink, wink).


I also wore one of my favorite summer rompers from Lilly Pulitzer! It is so bright and colorful and it just puts me in a good mood.


I paired it with my new Kate Spade bangle and Jack Rogers, but I have also worn this with wedges to make it dressier.

What are your favorite summer looks?

Halloweekend and an Influenster Surprise

Once again, I have fallen behind on my blogging. I promise I’m having a super stressful semester (because otherwise it would be totally unacceptable) but now that my Honors Thesis Proposal has been submitted, and everything is kind of winding down, I have a little more time to write (if writing at 2:30 in the morning qualifies as more time).

Just before Halloween, I received a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from Influenster for completing their brand badge on my VSX Sports Bra! I finally got to spend it at Pink, and I spent it on new undies and a really cute limited edition Halloween tank!



While I don’t feel the need to post a picture of my underwear on the internet, however cute they may be, I will say that the Date Collection is stunning and really comfortable… especially if you’re, ahem, smaller.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I thought I would go all out this year and attempt a pinterest worthy costume: a piñata. I spent a week gluing crepe paper to a dress and making it perfect. Then, the night I was supposed to wear the costume, I tried it on… and got stuck in it. Both of my roommates were out and I was just on the floor of my living room, crying while stuck inside a rock hard piñata dress.

Luckily, I pulled myself together and put on my ultimate white girl costume.


No one could figure out what my sister KC and I were, but we were a mouse and a panda. duh.


I had a really great night, and my nose stayed on the whole time I was out. I’d say that was an accomplishment!

Gloomy Day


Today was such a gloomy day, so while I was hanging around in my pj’s and watching trashy tv (don’t judge me) I had a cute cup of lemonade to brighten up the day.

All it takes is a little whimsy to make a gray day pink!


The straws are from Michaels, the mason jar cup and flamingo stirrer are from Target, and a friend sent me the confetti in a letter! Who doesn’t love flamingos?!


Happy 23rd, Marissa!

This weekend I headed to NYC to celebrate my DZ Big Sister’s 23rd Birthday!

Even though she already graduated last year, I can’t help myself from crafting for her. I saw a giant martini glass at Michael’s and decided to decorate it and fill it with goodies.


The stem is decorated with chevron glitter tape and strips of jewel stickers, which I cut from a larger square. The M came as a sticker, but I laid out the 23 myself by cutting individual jewel stickers from the larger strips. I put one long strip of jewels down the back to hold everything in place and cover up any seams.


This is the final product! I filled the glass with regular and carmel Hershey’s Kisses and added small bottles of UV Coconut and Smirnoff Carmel and a set of bracelets from Capwell + Co. I also decorated the edge with Lollipops I found at Michael’s.

We made our way into Manhattan on the Lower East Side for a night out!


What I’m Wearing

Dress: Arden B

Shoes: C. Wonder

After tons of getting ready, singing, and picture taking, we headed over to The DL, Delancey & Ludlow.

When you first walk in, it is a cute bar and restaurant with chandeliers and mirrored bar walls. Upstairs, however, are two more floors. The second floor was pretty empty when we got there, but the top floor has a rooftop garden feel, and it had just the right amount of partiers!


We all had an amazing time! Happy Birthday Biggles, love you!