Halloweekend and an Influenster Surprise

Once again, I have fallen behind on my blogging. I promise I’m having a super stressful semester (because otherwise it would be totally unacceptable) but now that my Honors Thesis Proposal has been submitted, and everything is kind of winding down, I have a little more time to write (if writing at 2:30 in the morning qualifies as more time).

Just before Halloween, I received a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from Influenster for completing their brand badge on my VSX Sports Bra! I finally got to spend it at Pink, and I spent it on new undies and a really cute limited edition Halloween tank!



While I don’t feel the need to post a picture of my underwear on the internet, however cute they may be, I will say that the Date Collection is stunning and really comfortable… especially if you’re, ahem, smaller.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I thought I would go all out this year and attempt a pinterest worthy costume: a piñata. I spent a week gluing crepe paper to a dress and making it perfect. Then, the night I was supposed to wear the costume, I tried it on… and got stuck in it. Both of my roommates were out and I was just on the floor of my living room, crying while stuck inside a rock hard piñata dress.

Luckily, I pulled myself together and put on my ultimate white girl costume.


No one could figure out what my sister KC and I were, but we were a mouse and a panda. duh.


I had a really great night, and my nose stayed on the whole time I was out. I’d say that was an accomplishment!