New Glasses


Finding the right pair of glasses can be tricky. They need to compliment your face shape, be the right color, and you have to like them!

I have wanted tortoise shell glasses for a while now, but I couldn’t find any in the right shape for my face. I have a small head so a lot of glasses look too big on me.



I finally found a pair that had the perfect shape, but they didn’t come in tortoise shell. They are kind of a greenish gray color and they actually compliment my skin tone a lot better than the heavy brown and black would have. The best part? My mom made them! She is learning how to be an optician and she cut the lenses and fit them for me at the shop where she works!



What I’m Wearing

Glasses: KLiiK Denmark

Romper: Aqua

Necklace: KK’s Boutique