Crafting and Fashion

Two of my favorite things in one post: fashion and crafting!

This dress was super on sale from H&M and it is so cute and comfy. I paired it with a gold and tortoise shell necklace and a huge paper flower that I made for the Bridal Show at the Olde Mill Inn! The flowers are super simple to make; I found an easy step by step guide on Pinterest.


Excuse my exhausted looking eyes… at least those bags are designer!

Feeling Fresh

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went on a very long walk around our town to get some exercise and fresh air. We passed by Crane Farm, a local produce stand full of fresh foods and flowers. I wanted to get some strawberries, but they had just sold out, so I settled for some fresh cut peonies instead.


They are currently making my bedroom smell like a magical garden!

The pinks in the flowers also inspired me to wear one of my favorite dresses today. It’s a simple tank dress from target last year.



I decided to go back today and see if they had more strawberries and they had a ton! I picked the perfect basket and they are absolutely delicious. I can definitely see why they were sold out yesterday.


There are so many strawberries that I’ll have to look up things to make with them!