St Patrick’s Day Recap

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I have been missing blogging and writing recently, so I thought I would post about my very green weekend.

At work on Thursday I wore my favorite bright green C Wonder pants and my Be Happy loafers, because I was definitely in a good mood.


After work I changed into a green gingham button down from J Crew, the skirt part of my favorite scalloped crop top and skirt set, and a chunky pearl necklace. I have seen this look from several bloggers and I am absolutely obsessed.


I paired this look with a bag from J Crew that I got several years ago. J Crew Factory always has such amazing bags that really aren’t too expensive.

And, since it’s finally spring, I couldn’t resist taking a sweet picture of my favorite Hunter Boots with some pink tulips!


For St Paddy’s Day, Jack and I went to his friend’s house and ate corned beef and played some party games!


What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?


National Watermelon Day

August 3rd was National Watermelon Day, so I celebrated as anyone else might: dressing up in pink and green, holding a giant watermelon balloon (which I had to take to Party City to be inflated, and the guy asked me what time my party was and I was like… ummm there’s no party…) and pretending to eat watermelon. Yikes.


The dress is from Lilly Pulitzer, the bangle watch is from Kate Spade, and this fab balloon is from Studio Mucci!

I seriously don’t want to know what my neighbors think of me and my shenanigans.

After the photoshoot, the bf, mom, and I actually ate the watermelon and grilled up some burgers and dogs.


Happy National Watermelon Day!

Donut you know I love Donuts?

Donuts are super trendy right now, and I have jumped right on the bandwagon.

For National Donut Day I surprised Jack with some selections from Wegmans and a little love note.


The chocolate frosted one had peanut butter buttercream inside!

I also purchased donut socks from And Apparel! They are so cute and super comfy.


What are your favorite donut accessories?

Current Creations

I love working on crafty projects, so recently I have undertaken a couple.

The first was a mini chalkboard, which I got from the dollar section at Target! I bought permanent chalk pens, and got to work with my faux-ligraphy skills and wrote out a quote from the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I also painted the easel pink to match my room!


Jack and I have also been working on a scrapbook of our relationship. I know its super dorky, but we were looking for something to make together, and that was our best bet. Mostly I scrapbook and he supervises but its still fun!


I can’t wait to post more pictures as we go along!

Anna and Dan’s Wedding

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend’s older sister got married! I was lucky enough to help her get ready, take photos, and even learn how to bustle a dress on the spot. It was a really great night, so I thought I would share some of the pictures I took. They did not hire a professional photographer, so the pressure was on!


Here’s Jack and I at the rehearsal dinner at Capital Grille in Midtown. I wore a dress from Forever 21 and a necklace from RocksBox.



Here’s Anna getting ready the afternoon of the wedding!


I wore a dress from White House Black Market.


One of my absolute favorites!



I did massive dress fluffing before this picture!



Photos in Central Park!


We had a great time at the wedding!

Bridal Shower Gift Reveal

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend’s sister got married! I had made her a Wedding Advent Calendar so that she could open a gift every day for two weeks leading up to the wedding. Even though I know she didn’t play by the rules, she still seemed to love it. So I thought I would list out the gifts inside!


Small gifts like these are great because they can be totally personalized to the bride. My boyfriend’s sister is kind of laid back so most of her gifts were just for fun or to build her an emergency kit for the day of the wedding. You could also definitely do a lingerie themed one, which would be great for a bachelorette party. I just tried keep all of the items I could in a blue or white color scheme.

13: Que Bella Relaxing Lavender Face Mask

12: Funky Pen – any cute pen will do!

11: Sticky Note Pad Set – for all of those last minute reminders

10: Essie Top Coat

9: Burts Bees Hand Salve, Cuticle Cream, and Lip Shimmer in Champagne

8: Fun Socks!

7: Tiny Journal (Papyrus is a great place to look)

6: Bride’s favorite chocolate or candy!

5: First set of emergency items- hand sanitizer, lint roller, small pack of bandaids

4: More fun socks!

3: Mini flossing brushes

2: Tide To Go Stick

1: Mini Sewing Kit

I Do: Pretty Cosmetic Bag (to put the emergency items in) – I got a floral one from Target that is no longer in stock but this is a cute option!

I was really thrilled when I saw that Anna had turned the board that the gifts were on into a photo display for the escort card table. It was really sweet, especially for someone who doesn’t typically craft!



I cannot believe that this happened. Even though I am starting my Event Planning Certification and have a lot to look forward to, I will definitely miss the place that has become another home to me. What made all of this even more special is that my little came home early from Scotland where she was studying abroad to surprise me!! I had no idea it was happening, and actually started crying when I opened the door of my apartment and saw her.

And then I made her take my graduation pictures because my roommates were taking too long.

IMG_0494 IMG_0512

IMG_0511 IMG_0506

I have been dying to wear this Lilly Pulitzer shift in First Impressions since I bought it months ago!!


And here’s a close up of my Graduation Cap


And then… I graduated!


11110976_931808616872016_6822614780323230694_n 1795598_931808620205349_8732308123600252917_n 11212657_931808876871990_6141091404251358217_o

One of the best parts was that my whole sorority family was able to be there! I am a sandwich since we have Carley, Marissa, Kate, Carly, Marissa!


Above everything, I am so grateful for the education I received, and that it didn’t rain!