Longwood Gardens

As part of my Christmas present, Jack took me to Longwood Gardens!


It was all decked out for the holidays, and we stayed to see the grounds lit up with Christmas Lights once it got dark!


One cool part of the conservatory is the music room, which they set up as a fancy dinner party. this year it was peacock themed and they had an enormous tree sculpture made with peacock feather shaped leaves.




Our tips for battling lines and cold weather when you go:

– If you can, go on a weekday! We went on a Monday and it was still pretty crowded. I can’t imagine what a weekend would be like

– If you’re not traveling with little kids, you can probably walk around the conservatory in around an hour. We arrived at 2:30, which was a little too early because we had too much time before sunset. 3:30 would have been better

– That said, do the conservatory first! It is warm and the outside gardens don’t have much to offer until the lights come on when the sun starts to go down

– Grab refreshments in the concession tent. Don’t bother waiting on line for the restaurants there! The line was incredibly long, and if you just want a snack or hot cocoa, the concession tent is the way to go.

– We left around 6:00 and when we walked back through the entrance, it was mobbed! Be aware that most people will come later on at night, so either be prepared to wait on a huge line or come early

I definitely want to come back in the summer and see all of the flowering gardens! The surrounding Brandywine Valley is also adorable, so check that out as well!


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