5K Training

Today I started training to be able to run a 5K!

Everyone always tells me that I am athletic because I dance, but I would really like to be able to run. So, as long as it goes well, I will be signing up for The Color Run when it is in the Lehigh Valley in October.

Usually I don’t like running because…

It hurts

I think I’ll look stupid


Often I worry that my allergies will act up from being outside



But these are just terrible excuses.

I found a workout regimen that trains you in 9 weeks called The Couch to 5K. The Running Plan is free, and they also have an app you can download for $20. It seems like the app is more about encouragement and weight loss so I don’t think I’ll need it.

Today I was able to finish half of the first workout. It is frustrating because I am in good shape so my body doesn’t get tired, but I get horrible headaches and I have to stop. Hopefully as my body gets used to this new stress the headaches will stop! I’m glad that I had my boyfriend to run with; he makes a great coach even when I threaten to kill him.



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