Hi everyone!

As a soon to be senior in college, this is my last summer before I will be out in the real world. I spent a lot of time applying for internships and summer opportunities, but unfortunately none of them worked out.

After a slight breakdown about the woes of never finding a job because I don’t have an internship (I’m only a little dramatic) my mom suggested that I actually try, for once in my life, to have fun.

For almost my entire life I have been a dancer, giving up most of my childhood and social life to pursue what I thought would be my career. Recently I have realized that I just don’t have the passion for dance to continue to make sacrifices for it. I still love it and will always consider myself a dancer but I won’t be a professional.

So now what?

Now, after years of loving something because I am good at it, I need to find something that I actually love just because. I am hoping that this blog will encourage me to try new things, even things I think I won’t be good at, and see how it goes.

Of course you’re wondering, “Kate, don’t you enjoy writing if you’re writing this blog?”

And the answer is, I’m not sure. People have always told me that I’m a pretty good writer (I better be, since I’m an English major), and I have always countered with “I don’t want to be a writer”.

I’ve blogged about other things, and have a well liked preppy blog, but I think it’s time I did something that is just for me, where I don’t have to fit into the standards of a certain community or brand. I still like clothes and makeup and girly things, and I’ll probably blog about them here, but I also want to try new and different things.

Let’s hope I learn something!



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